Bogor, 16-10-2018       Indonesia Version

The research and development program of animal husbandry and veterinary which will be run in 2015-2019 refers to:

  1. Sorting livestock products as food than as an industrial raw material and energy;
  2. Concern to the main species of animal to support food security and export;
  3. Strengthening the main species breeding industry and agro-inputs;
  4. Integration of on-farm activities with downstream/post harvest industry to increase the added value;
  5. Forming the grand design of each commodity program based on primary products and field problems;
  6. Prioritizing consortium activities;
  7. Development of an innovative model of integrated farming (CLS/SITT);
  8. The assembly activities of ideal type cattle clump and adaptive specific agroecological;
  9. Provision of sub-optimal farm land technology for food and agro-industrial raw materials;
  10. Development of bio-based economy (bio product and bioenergy) involving livestock;
  11. Research Management and development that creates cohesion (consortium) and the integration of the use of facilities, infrastructure and human resources skills among Institutions/TIUs