Bogor, 21-07-2018       Indonesia Version

ICARD is an echelon II institute in the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) under the coordination and directly responsible to the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD). In order to carry out the tasks, ICARD is supported by four Technical Implementing Units (TIUs), namely Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Science (IRCVS) in Bogor,West Java; Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production (IRIAP) in Ciawi-Bogor, West Java; Indonesian Beef Cattle Research Station (IBCRS) in Grati, East Java and Indonesian Goat Research Station (IGRS) in Sei Putih, North Sumatera.


To become an international institution of animal husbandry research and development that actively invent and develop technologies in sustainable producing prime livestock and based on local resources.


1Utilizing local genetic resources for producing elite breeding stocks, seed, vaccine/microbe in order to establilsh sustainable and competitive in animal production.

2Assembling and developing animal product and veterinary innovative technology in supporting sustainable animal production.

3Generating recommendation in animal production and veterinary policies, in anticipation of dynamic and development of strategic environment.

4Improving national and international research collaboration with related institutes.

5Producing scientific publication nationally and internationally, disseminate research outcome and gather feedback.

6Improving human resources capacity effectively and