Bogor, 16-10-2018       Indonesia Version

International Seminar on IPR Management in Support of Agriculture Innovation was held at Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD), Bogor on 4 September 2017. Secretary of Indonesian Agency of Agriculturan Research and Development Secretariat,  Dr. Prama Yufdy (delivered by his representative) stated that this assembly is a continuity of the trainingfor Liaison Officer (LO) IPR of IAARD held in Bali last week. The Los are decision maker in each working unit, especialy in the Intellectualy Property Right (IPR).

There three speakers in this seminar. Dr. Shakell Bhatti (World Intellectual Property Organization) presented “The Importance of an IPR Strategy in Agricultural Research: Applying IPRs in Agricultural”. Prof. Claudia Setz (Bassel University, Switzerland) presented “Specific Strategies and Mechanisms for Facilitating Access to Innovation”. The last speaker, Mr. Patrick Andersen (The Swedish Patent and Registration Office) presented “IPR and Genetic Resources: An Advanced International Training Program”.

This seminar was attended by 50 participants researchers of the IAARD scope, college lecturer and practitioners. Dr. Ratna Ayu Saptati is a representative of ICARD (REP/translator: CTR)