Bogor, 16-10-2018       Indonesia Version

Sacrifice Animal Exchange is an annual activity conducted by IAARD through the ICARD. In 2017, the exchange is the 18th conducted for 10 days from 23 August to 1 September 2017. The event was opened by Director of ICARD, Dr. Atien Priyanti who said that IAARD has produced various technologies supporting the sustainability and achievement of animal protein self-sufficient.

The welcome speech of mayor of Bogor was delivered by Head of Agriculture Services of Bogor, Drs. Irwan Rianto, MSi who revealed his willingness to make easy the animal health examination. He expected that in the next year, the event should be conducted in the whole district of Bogor City. He also said that in 2001. There was an anthrax case in Bogor but after that, Bogor is free from anthrax. The government of Bogor City highly supports the Sacrifice Animal Exchange by guarantying the sacrifice animal health.

The 18th sacrifice animal exchange was participated by 20 farmers from West Java, Central Java and East Java with a total animal were about 500 head consisted goat, sheep and cattle. The supremacy of the sacrifice animal exchange is providing free health examination for the animal by a veterinary expert from BCATRES and Agriculture Services of Bogor City. Therefore, the animals sold in the event have a health certificate. An exhibition of innovation technology of IAARD and bazaar were performed in this event.

In the event opening ceremony, identity embedding of the farmers to Mr. A Johar and Mrs. Sukar for the representative of the farmers and veterinary expert was also performed. Solihin farm got a prize a female Barbados cross sheep as a loyalty award for attending the sacrifice animal exchange event every year.